Autumn Photography: Hamilton is Home

Enjoying the final stretch of warm weather before snow, I find myself walking to the end of the road.  Overlooking the escarpment, I see the city stretch out before me.  The cooler weather of this season means the air is crisp and clear.  I can plainly see Toronto from across Lake Ontario.  I set up the tripod and try to capture an image with a message in my mind: Hamilton is home. 

This photo is with a 70-200mm lens.  If you’re looking to do something similar, I suggest you start with a wide aperture and fast shutter due to the camera shake when taking the shot. Also consider using a timer or remote shutter control to further mitigate the shake from your fingers pushing down on the button.

I frame the factories together with the distant mega city in the background. Hamilton is home.  I repeat this theme as I look to share this image.

I like the colour of the autumn leaves and how they add a vibrancy to the composition.  After I take a few shots and am happy with the results, I head home. During my walks I keep an eye out for other opportunities that might fit my theme of the day.  Hamilton is home, I keep telling myself.