Autumn Photography: Orange Moon

Vibrant colours this season take me outside on long photo walks.  Today I want to capture the moon through branches.  Walks during any season are unquestionably more beautiful with a camera in hand. But Autumn Photography a particular pleasure. Walks are rich with opportunities to frame where ever you go. Therefore, it is really only your imagination that limits you.

Since I have an objective, I find what I’m looking for quickly by exploring a park near my home. 

The photo above is shot with our new Canon 70-200mm lens.  To achieve what I have here, you’ll need to use a small aperture and a longer shutter speed.  You’ll need to set a timer or use a shutter release trigger to avoid camera shake when you depress the button to take the shot.

Furthermore, I suggest you experiment and take many photos.  As your distant subject (the moon) can soften due to the atmosphere overhead.