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Conversation With: Mulga the Artist

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2017

Our plan to explore Nuit Blanche in Toronto this year is simple: Start in the middle. In conversation, we chart a rough course to spiral across some big intersections we see on the official website. But we hope to get lost in the little places.  Those spots that are off our mental roadmap.  The sights that seem most illuminated on an evening complemented with a crisp, autumn air. Read On…

Conversation With: John K. King

The tale of collector and entrepreneur John K. King is the stuff of a classic American short story. Read On…

Pictures of Pride

Nobody told me that Pride is really just a big street fest.  A theme that encourages the man to redirect the traffic and let the city play.

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A Tale of Toronto’s Field Trip

There is a lot to love at Toronto’s Field Trip Music Festival. The atmosphere, the food and, of course, the tunes.

Unfortunately, my time at the two-day event is not to enjoy the eclectic line-up. No, I have somehow found myself working on location. Read On…

My 6 Favourite Spots in Sydney, Australia

Take it from me. The city of Sydney, Australia is a joy to explore.

After one’s inevitable trip to the Opera House, you may find yourself asking: “What next? Where should I go? Where do I start?” Read On…

In Concert: Foxygen

It can be hard work selling Foxygen as a real band rather than a gimmick.

Take the way both members (Jonathan Rado and Sam France) present themselves at Toronto’s Opera House: One positioned in the shadows, presiding as musical mastermind while the other struts and sings wildly. Read On…

Travelogue: Sydney Opera House

Can anything else be said about Australia’s iconic landmark?

Impressions such as otherworldly, tourist-swarming, and a hint of ocean air come to mind when I think back to the Opera House. Call it an addiction, or infatuation, but I made it my obligation to visit repeatedly. Read On…

One Last Trip to Honest Ed’s

The iconic red and yellow marquee on Toronto’s Bloor Street will soon be shutting off its 23,000 blinking lights for good.

Honest Ed’s, the city’s premier discount emporium, is set to close its doors on December 31. After nearly 70 years in business, the beloved landmark will make way for condos, boutiques, and something called a “woonerf.” Read On…

Travelogue: Havana, Cuba

Havana is a diverse and historic city. I’m eager to visit the old squares and spend time away from the beaches. Yet, I’m travelling with my extended family, and they don’t speak English. This trip will be for their benefit, as we hire a Czech speaking guide and make a plan to see as much as a day will allow.

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