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My First Exhibition: It’s About Time

I am honestly humbled to have had the pleasure of showcasing our work to so many people during this year’s Supercrawl in Hamilton. The Factory Media Centre invited me to have an exhibition where I share the cinemagraphs I’ve made on a near daily basis during the weekend long street festival on James St. North. Read On…

First Year Lessons: Shutter Speed

Shutter speed affects a moving image just as much as a still. When shooting video with a DSLR camera, I am forgetting how the same basic principles that go into exposing a photograph are also critical to apply when exposing a frame in cinema.  Read On…

Autumn Photography: Orange Moon

Vibrant colours this season take me outside on long photo walks.  Today I want to capture the moon through branches.  Walks during any season are unquestionably more beautiful with a camera in hand. But Autumn Photography a particular pleasure. Walks are rich with opportunities to frame where ever you go. Therefore, it is really only your imagination that limits you.

Since I have an objective, I find what I’m looking for quickly by exploring a park near my home.  Read On…

Winter Photography: Freezing Rain

My humble opinion of the frigid winter months is noticeably negative.  I dislike cold weather so I stay inside for the most part. Ultimately, I want to hibernate. But since taking up photography, I’m beginning to see there’s an upside to the season.
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Berlin Bicycle

My jaunt through the back alleys of Neukölln (a borough of Berlin, Germany). A wall of graffiti and a deserted bicycle. The colours just popped. Read On…

Freshly Printed Entrepreneurs

Our premier short documentary is about two entrepreneurs.   Best friends who start a green textile company together because they can’t work without one another.

Jen Kneulman and Lauren Hunter work from their Freshly Printed Studio. Producing tea towels, napkins and other linen textiles for the home since spring of 2013. They are located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District where they design and sell their custom work.
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