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Winter Photography: Freezing Rain

My humble opinion of the frigid winter months is noticeably negative.  I dislike cold weather so I stay inside for the most part. Ultimately, I want to hibernate. But since taking up photography, I’m beginning to see there’s an upside to the season.
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Music From Robots: The Z-Machines

What has 78 fingers, 22 arms, and likes to rock out? The robots of the three-piece Z-Machines.
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Symmetry: The Palindrome of Pictures

Palindromes in language are strings of letters or phases that can have the same meaning read forward or backwards.  ‘Step on no pets,’ the word ‘kayak’ and the name ‘Hannah’ for example. They are a challenge to write but never before have I seen one done with video.

A graphic designer in Paris shares this short film as his graduate project. “Symmetry” is an impressive piece. It ends as it begins. The movie would play the same if, after you saw it once – you played it back in reverse.
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Berlin Bicycle

My jaunt through the back alleys of Neukölln (a borough of Berlin, Germany). A wall of graffiti and a deserted bicycle. The colours just popped. Read On…

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

He looked like your neighbour, or perhaps the mailman. And yet, behind that rounded face, hefty frame, and swath of blonde strands was a force of nature.  Philip Seymour Hoffman was a talent who sparred onscreen with modern giants (Streep, Hanks, Cruise).  His ambitions and heart marched, thankfully so, to that opposite of Hollywood’s. He was awarded an Oscar in 2006.
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Self Expression: Could Have Been A Love Story

I stumbled across this video online. I feel it is a clever critique on modern self expression. As two characters (James and Jane) chat online, their constant erasing and indecisiveness reflect a real life trend. This is a reminder one should not suffocate their own hearts and minds.

Our conversations can have other directions with the right words.
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Koyaanisqatsi: A Review

Koyannisqatsi  (1982) Dir: Godfrey Reggio

Essentially what we have here is one long time lapse video. Spoiler alert: it’s mesmerizing. The story is about life. But you can draw your own meaning from the visuals. Make time to screen this pioneering picture.  After viewing, one thing’s for certain –  you’ll never look at the world around you the same way again.
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Freshly Printed Entrepreneurs

Our premier short documentary is about two entrepreneurs.   Best friends who start a green textile company together because they can’t work without one another.

Jen Kneulman and Lauren Hunter work from their Freshly Printed Studio. Producing tea towels, napkins and other linen textiles for the home since spring of 2013. They are located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District where they design and sell their custom work.
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