Cruisin’ Caribbean: I

Like a fish to water, or a bird to the skies, I can attest that I have never been one for clichés that conjure the animal kingdom. But I recently put my ear and two pieces of luggage (carry-on included) to the sound of steel drums and the Caribbean – Royal Caribbean to be exact.

Some say the heart of a creative soul is unfound. It is lost in life with an unquenchable thirst to express, filling a metaphorical void. Blah, blah, blah. I am sure whatever comes after is of note, but really, I have to stop taking myself so seriously.

The Caribbean awaits. All aboard!

Hence, as it stands, I’m embarking on a six month contract abroad with a cruise ship company, employed as a Broadcast Technician for Royal Caribbean. I’ll be travelling on the vessel pictured above. She is a floating white monolith. I will be plotting the ocean from one tropical island to the next. Join me as I share my humble thoughts on the destinations I visit and the job that awaits me.

I’ll be keeping you afloat on my sun-soaked excursions – from starboard, port-side, and everything in-between!