First Year Lessons: The DIVA Case

Chatter and laughter next door is growing steadily louder.  An office party is about to start. Noise coming through the walls will bleed onto the microphones will pick up when we roll the interview. We have to move to a different room in this office.  I carry my gear, including our Kino Flow DIVA, down a hall and set-up the shot again in another empty room.

“Do you have everything?” The client asks me.  I confirm so.  Lights.  Camera.  Microphone.  The list checks out, and the door to the first location locks behind us.  But after the interview, I discover that the DIVA case is inside the first set.  Locked away, and no one has a key! Video production has its challenges. Things may be beyond your control on set. You can prepare yourself for some of them…Consequently though, you can bring the challenges with you…


A Kino Flo DIVA case like what we have.

Even though we reserve our location – we cannot stop the department next door from scheduling their gathering for staff.   I don’t blame them for making me forget the case.  I’m in a hurry to set up again and make up for lost time. But that’s not the reason I have forgotten about the DIVA case.  I don’t have a list. I really I should have known better.  A lesson from first year college is quite apt: check your gear.

Make sure it works before you set out for a shoot, and always check that you have it all.  The lesson here is to have a list with us that reads back what we have with us during a production on location.

Make a List.  Check it Twice.

We recommend having a physical print-out of the gear you take with you. Whatever works best for you. The important lesson here is to not say yes so fast when the door is about the be locked.  Your location may not be accessible, and it might not be possible for you to retrieve what you leave behind.  We were fortunate.

And if custodian in the building is not able to open the door after the shoot, you might be like us and have to wait anxiously over a weekend for the office to unlock when the employee comes to work.