Freshly Printed Entrepreneurs

Our premier short documentary is about two entrepreneurs.   Best friends who start a green textile company together because they can’t work without one another.

Jen Kneulman and Lauren Hunter work from their Freshly Printed Studio. Producing tea towels, napkins and other linen textiles for the home since spring of 2013. They are located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District where they design and sell their custom work.

Freshly Printed Interview 2 Shot

Jen Kneulman (left) and Lauren Hunter (right) in their studio as seen in our ‘Freshly Printed’ documentary.

Our documentary is about their friendship and their process. We want to take you into the world of these two artists. As we set out to make a commercial, we’re impressed to find the two friends to be charming and relatable. We are happy to share with you a mini-feature instead. Which is pretty much the same thing, right? Due to their positive spirit, it is hard to stop recording.

The goal is to explore their process with you and showcase their work. We also find it to be an uplifting story about young entrepreneurs. Especially relevant to any young person looking to start their own business.

Freshly Printed Frame CU Yellow Exacto

Jen Kneulman cutting fabric as seen in our ‘Freshly Printed’ documentary.

Combining interview over tea in their studio with candid moments, the young women of Freshly Printed tell us their jokes and stories.  In short, their video is a mix of these best friends at work and play. Most of all, their story is a personal parallel to our own ventures.

Please enjoy the video!

Thanks for reading about our process. Be sure to check back on our humble thoughts on other projects we have the pleasure of producing.