Music From Robots: The Z-Machines

What has 78 fingers, 22 arms, and likes to rock out? The robots of the three-piece Z-Machines.


British label Warp Records is releasing an album (Music For Robots) comprised entirely of Japanese assembled droids.

Oh no, it doesn’t end there. It also seems Warp’s own electro boffin Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) is lending his own otherworldly experience and expertise. By forging a partnership with the metalhead’s creators in what truly is a transgressive collaboration of man and machine.

Hear the Z-Machines and their first single.
“Sad Robot Goes Funny”

Simply put, with the addition of extra appendages, this all-robot band can play in ways no human could ever fathom. The dawn of the robocalypse? HAL 9000 called, he wants to audition for lead vocals.

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