New Heights in Antigua

Want a trip to the Montserrat Volcano? What about being able to see more of Antigua in 30 minutes than most visitors see during an entire vacation?

Frankly, you would be certifiably insane not to be in awe of 50 miles of translucent tropical waters, reef systems, or smouldering mountains.

Antigua ocean shimmer

Okay, so my mission is simple: Equipped with a GoPro Hero3, I have instructions to document whatever majestic wonders enter my peripherals.

Helicopter Ride in Antigua

So I set forth to the skies! Courtesy of Antigua Caribbean Helicopters. Encompassing ariel vistas of some of the most pristine beaches on earth. We are also exclusively treated to what the brochure touts as, “Simply the most exciting tour in the Caribbean!”


Of course it is the chance to witness the live Soufriere Hills Volcano.  With views of the crater, pyroclastic flows, and – breathtakingly – the former capital of Plymouth, which in some places is buried under 40 feet of ash.

Lucky enough, they entrust me to preserve the memory.