Symmetry: The Palindrome of Pictures

Palindromes in language are strings of letters or phases that can have the same meaning read forward or backwards.  ‘Step on no pets,’ the word ‘kayak’ and the name ‘Hannah’ for example. They are a challenge to write but never before have I seen one done with video.

A graphic designer in Paris shares this short film as his graduate project. “Symmetry” is an impressive piece. It ends as it begins. The movie would play the same if, after you saw it once – you played it back in reverse.


The couple share in their morning (or evening) routine as seen in ‘Symmetry’

What I like best about this short is the editing. It has a pace and energy that maintains throughout the mirroring narratives. Each frame has it’s balance with a counterpart. It seems like there are challenges producing this kind of project, but the end result is mesmerizingly put together.

Here’s a link:

Subtle touches with respect to the soundtrack and actor’s delivery really play with the concept of duality in how you perceive the meanings of the two halves of the film. For more of our humble thoughts on videos we find interesting, please read on.