My 6 Favourite Spots in Sydney, Australia

Take it from me. The city of Sydney, Australia is a joy to explore.

After one’s inevitable trip to the Opera House, you may find yourself asking: “What next? Where should I go? Where do I start?”

Relax. The best way to describe Australia’s largest and most visited metropolis is to imagine a patchwork of neighbourhoods, each staking claim as a unique pocket to discover.

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Photo by Myles Herod

As it so happens, for the nine days I visited, every moment was spent soaking up the city’s blend of glimmering towers, offbeat intersections, and lush foliage at every turn.

Visitors have a wealth of destinations to choose from. Making it easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite spots as a guide to Sydney’s ample offerings.

Hyde Park

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Photo by Myles Herod

Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland in Australia, located in the central business district of Sydney.

If you happen to find yourself amidst its impressive fig-lined path, pay a visit to Archibald Fountain. It’s highly likely that you’ll see a rainbow or two.

Surry Hills

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Photo by Myles Herod

Like a backdrop to a theatre production brimming with a bohemian cast, Surry Hills offers its share of trendy eateries and forgotten retro architecture.

It’s also known as Sydney’s creative hub, but don’t come expecting any glaring tourism signs. Instead, the neighbourhood’s charm lays in its community, where you’ll find distinctive boutiques and the heady scent of fresh coffee in the air.


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Photo by Myles Herod

Dumplings, crispy duck, ramen, okonomiyaki or just a simple spicy pad thai? Sydney’s Chinatown is a melting pot of restaurants. From Japenese to Malaysian, Thai to Cantonese, the aromatic atmosphere and neon-lit nooks help present an irresistible haven for foodies.

Located close to Sydney’s Central Station, Chinatown is an ideal starting point for exploring the city centre after having a bite to eat.


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Photo by Myles Herod

Sandwiched between Cleveland Street and Broadway, “Chippo” (as it’s affectionately known) houses one of the city’s most infamous residential buildings. Known as One Central Park, this high-rise boasts vertical hanging gardens and a heliostat of mirrors, reflecting daylight onto its communal areas.

With a price-tag exceeding the budget of most Sydneysiders, it still remains a magnificent sight to stop, stare, and snap a photo.


Dom part II

Photo by Myles Herod

A longtime favourite of the Sydney University set, Glebe’s vibrant atmosphere packs a lot of punch for a little fella.

Abundant with great bookshops, international grub, and its very own 7-Eleven, it also hosts its own artisanal treasure trove: Glebe Markets. Open every Saturday, it’s become the city’s hot spot to find cool, kitsch, and handmade items.

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Photo by Myles Herod


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Photo by Myles Herod

Sydney’s inner western suburb of Newtown is the farthest district on the list, but also the most eclectic. Running along King Street, there’s nowhere better in the city to listen to music of any genre or dress in the style of any decade.

Sure there’s great record stores and vegetarian restaurants to try, but the main attraction, in my humble opinion, is its widespread street art. In other words, the perfect place to lose yourself with a camera.

Newtown edit

Photo by Myles Herod

While some cities scream “look at me!” Sydney’s message to visitors is always “unwind, step outside, and enjoy the many flavours.” Yes, there’s plenty to do, but the best way to enjoy the city is to take it slow and let its magic find you.