The Pitons

Located smack between the towns of Soufriere and Choiseul on the southwestern coast of St. Lucia, the Pitons (in the most basic description) are two volcanic plugs protected under UNESCO World Heritage Law. A famous tourist attraction for snorkeling, hiking, and mountain climbing. 

These two steep spires are eroding cores of lava domes forming the flanks of the stratovolcano. They rise side by side from the sea. The larger of the two – the Gros Piton (770m) – is 3km in diameter at its base, while the slightly smaller Petit Piton (734m) comes in at 1km in diameter.

Abundant Wild Life

Along with indigenous rodents, bats, reptiles, and amphibians, there are Hawksbill turtles and whale sharks offshore. As well, 148 unique plant species are dominate both locations.

I’m lucky enough to take a day trip to the majestic site. Here I meet a myriad of exotic sights, tastes, and smells. A tip for anyone planning on snorkeling at the Pitons or any other tropical destination: be sure to dust your pockets with bread or cookie crumbs. Why you ask? Well, once released into the surf, you’ll be inundated by the most radiant array of fish imaginable!

A once in a lifetime opportunity.